Shop stalking.

It’s hard when you go to work before shops open and leave when they are closed. It’s hard to find the time to go and hunt down that bargain! I first found out about Stuff and Co when I was on the Sorrel Antique Centre website. As soon as I saw the burb about it, I knew it was going to become a favourite shop!

As it turns out I have driven past hundreds of times and not even noticed it! No doubt my mind was thinking about what to teach in Math tomorrow or what I was going to have for dinner… Last weekend I finally had the chance to head to New Town and unleash the wallet on Stuff and Co. But alas, it was closed :( Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 4pm. All I could do was press my face to the window and squint my hardest to see every little trinket and vintage delight in sight! I even got the long lens on my camera to zoom into the back room. This may or may not have looked a little suspect!

Everyday last week I tried and epically failed to leave work at 3.30 so I could make it to the shop before close. MEH! It wasn’t until Saturday when I was blissfully unaware that we were driving along New Town Road and my lover pointed to a mannequin on the footpath outside a shop! OH MY GOD TURN AROUND were my exact words.

My stalking was over. I left the store with an industrial Elcon fan circa 1950’s.